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Laugh hard, it's a long way to the bank...


1. NAME. Lee
2. AGE. Eighteen
3. LOCATION. Gravesend (just outside London) UK
4. 8 FAV BANDS. At The Drive In, Glassjaw, Comeback Kid, Sparta, Denounce, Anadivine, Frou Frou, Recover
5. FAV MOVIES. True Romance, Rushmore, Clerks., Garden State
6. 3 FAV TV SHOWS. Family Guy, Daria, I'm Alan Partridge
7. FAV BOOKS. Powder by Kevin Sampson, Stark by Ben Elton and The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
8. DO YOU LIKE SUPER MARIO? Yes. And a hell lot better than Sonic.
9. WHY ARE YOU TOO PUNK ROCK. For a living I do.. um, nothing. For the past year I have done.. nothing. I am totally content with doing nothing and using what little money I can scrounge from the government (fuck it, I paid taxes once), friend or random work getting into London every week to go party like its 2012.
10. are you sXe. Oh no... I'm not cool enough to not drink.
11. FAV LYRIC. "Unconscious, tied and gagged. A freight train coming." At the Drive In
12. promote us somewhere, and tell us where. Ok then... give me a couple of minutes and I'll put a link up on my my(scene)space site,

Oh and the pictures...

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